2010 Ford Fusion MPG

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The new 2.5 Liter Auto Ford Fusion the is now rated at 23 City and 34 Hwy.
This is the best in its class.
It beats any other mid sized sedan sold in the US. Except hybrids. And the Hybrid Fusion has the best rating in its class as well.

Way to go.

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  1. It seems strange that the Fusion gets 34 mpg with the 2.5l but the new Mazda 3 will get 39. What’s up with that?

  2. The new Fords are looking really good. When the automotive market finally improves, and it will, then they’ll be in a good position with new products.

  3. A face only a mother could love.

    But kudos to Ford for the gas mileage after decades of polluting our roads with dinosaurs.

  4. I like what they’ve done. I don’t know if the Fusion would be high on my list just yet (I don’t really care for how the grill and gage cluster look), but I’m glad that Ford has finally gotten it’s act together. This is a really nice looking car that will appeal to many Accord and Camry buyers for sure.

  5. The Mazda3 is much smaller that’s why. Compare it to the Focus.

    The Hybrid is even more impressive since it beats the Camry Hybrid: 41/36mpg city/highway.

    Next thing to improve is the boring styling though.

  6. the mazda will get better gas mileage because it weighs less and likely has higher gearing with its 6-speed manual transmission

    what will the mileage estimates be for the 2.5L manual?

  7. Awsome! Fords kickin’ butt and taking names. A word of advice to Ford though. Don’t get cockey. You’re ahead but the competition is’nt far behind.

    Also, no version of the Mazda 3 gets 39 mpg. The best any of the 3’s will do is 33mpg. That’s according to Mazda’s own website. Do you mean the new Mazda 1 perhaps?

  8. the Mazda gets 29, not 39, and that is with a 2.3 liter. With the smaller 2.0 it gets 32. Check out the numbers on carsdirect and do a compare.

  9. Oops, that was a typo 29 not 39, I meant it is strange that the midsize Fusion gets 34 while the smaller 3 with the same new 2.5 engine will only get 29.

    I guess the gearing is much better tuned for mileage in the Fusion. I do really like this new fusion though, might be something to consider replacing my 3 with when the time comes, I would love to buy an American brand now that they have nice small and midsize cars.

  10. Nathan,

    Good point. And yeah, that is very weird. It must be gearing because I think the heaviest 3 is still lighter at 3000 lbs even(give or take a couple pounds). They are both very aerodynamic, so unless I too am missing something, I’m guessing gearing.

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