2010 Ford Taurus pricing

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-SE is $26 000
-SEL is $28 000
-Limited is $32 000.

Limited includes leather, 19 inch chrome wheels, premium sound, 10 way power seats.

I guess if you can’t stand the vulgar look of chrome wheels, you’ll stay away from the limited, and could load up an SEL with options.

Not bad prices.

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  1. I’ll bet a loaded “SHO” with awd and ecoboost will come in around $36,000. A pretty good deal.

  2. “Uh…not much cheaper than a G35 or a Hyundai Genesis for that matter”

    I’d take an Infiniti G any day. But if I needed a bigger car, the Taurus SEL cost much less and looks really sharp. Hopefully it will handle well. But it’s FWD, so we’ll see. It’s also several thousand less than the Genesis. Incidentally, a colleague rented a Genesis last week. I was shocked at how unspectacular it was. I put it on par with an Avalon. Not even close to a 5 series or any premium car as the hype has claimed. It is a million times better than the quality of a Sonata though.

  3. It’ll sell if cheap enough. Makes no sense to pay over $30K for the new Taurus when you can buy a high-end Accord for just under $30K (and an LX Accord for much less).

    Maybe the Taurus will be as good as the Accord, but why take the risk of buying a Ford when the Honda’s service record and resale value have been so much better for years?

    Buying a Ford or other domestic brand just to be charitable to struggling companies is a weak reason IMO. American workers put together Toyotas, Hondas, Hyundais, and other brands here in the U.S. Why support Michigan and its greedy UAW union? Us car companies are a mess because of both nitwit management and self-destructive unions.

    Oh, I almost forgot, maybe the Taurus will be made in Mexico like so many other Fords!

  4. I watched a few videos from the show and have to admit that Detroit design wise is not only in the right direction, but, has finally arrived. Good looking designs across the board. Even Cadillac’s Converj rear is now compatible with the front. I have been critical of CTS’ boring looking tail lights and disconnect with the front, but in the 2 seater concept they blend so well with the rest of the body. If they pay attention to reliability, the future looks great from my vantage point. They would be smart to match Infiniti’s and Lexus’ warranty for starters. I was impressed with the Lacross as well. And the new Taurus has a lot of presence. Let’s hope they are not using that cheap smelling leather. Wow, I may even buy an… American car the way they are going!

  5. “Why support Michigan and its greedy UAW union?”

    I agree. I hate the idea of supporting UAW pigs, who are largely unskilled and earn far above their value because of their heavy handed tactics, and have contributed to our sagging economy by strangling profitability out of the automotive industry. However, in spite of all that, this car is beautiful. So nevermind that first stuff I said.

  6. pretty much set for stripped SE fleet sales. large “family” sedan for 32k, give me the genesis…

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