2010 Ford Taurus video

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It looks really good to me. From every angle.
And the interior seems fantastic.

Can’t wait to see it, and find out about pricing.

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  1. what about those with pacemakers who cannot have the radiation from a wireless key for the push button start? what will Ford be doing about that? Ignore the older folks who have pacemakers and who actually BUY ford?

  2. Big improvement but the front is a bit too trucky for a sedan. I see a lot of Chrysler 300 in the profile. This is a big car.

  3. With no family but only 2 people to haul, this will be my next cummter can beyond a doubt.

    Lets now here it from all the kids who want to talk about their daddy’s this or that.

  4. If it’s the Limited, where are the fog lights (especially since they are standard on the current one)? Otherwise this looks pretty nice!

  5. What the hell??? Just some days before the reveal of the great-looking Buick LaCrosse, now this really amazing big family car?!

    Well done Detroit, this really looks like what it needs for a revival of the US car industry in and outside of the US…

  6. This car is substantial. I mean, REALLY nice. It’s a smart looking design that I hope filters down to the smaller cars that Ford offers. Amazing

  7. If anyone remembers, Ford displayed their “Interceptor” concept over the past 2 years on the auto show circuit. This Taurus has its hoodline, roofline and rear-end treatment and IMHO is quite awesome! It’s probably right at 200 inches long and will fill both the existing Taurus market as well as the defunct (for private consumers anyway) Crown Vic. I think Ford is guaranteeing its survival with this, the new Mustang, Fusion, F-Series as well as the Fiesta. Good work, Mr. Mulally!

  8. “If it’s the Limited, where are the fog lights (especially since they are standard on the current one)?”

    The chrome-looking strips at the bottom are supposed to be LED lights. I don’t know if it serves as fog lights though.

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