2010 Ford Taurus

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The all new Taurus seems to be a great looking car. Not sure how much it will cost (but being called a Taurus, it can’t be that much), but this is way better than the revised Fusion. And might be well worth the extra money.
Standard engine will be the 3.5 Liter V6 with over 260hp. That’s plenty.
All wheel drive is still an option.
6 Speed auto is standard.
17 to 20 inch wheels.

The interior looks pretty amazing.
Compare this to a Dodge Avenger and you almost see no hope for Chrysler…

This is almost as exciting as when the first Taurus came out.

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  1. They’re doing things right again.

    I’m buying Ford stock when I have some extra cash.

    2010 Mustang: Smokin’
    New Taurus: Niiice
    New Fiesta: Niiice
    New F-150: Niiice
    Hybrid Fusion: Niiice

    GM ain’t so bad either.

    Methinks domestics shall actually become popular domestically again!

  2. the dashboard looks too long and the beltline too high. nice, but i actually prefer the fusion to this

    i don’t know…ford’s new u.s. vehicles look kind of australian to me

  3. This is a sweet taurus,I like how they took some of the styling cues from the interceptor concept.

    Avenger competes with Focus.
    Charger competes with Taurus.

  4. This car is ***SO*** much better looking than the current Taurus/500, there’s no comparison. And finally – they paid as much attention to designing the back of the car as the front. Love the way the back end of the car looks like the Interceptor concept. Ford is definitely on its way back.

  5. Is THIS what happens to Ford and GM when they’re threatened with bankruptcy? Then holy crap, where have these great designers been hidden for the past twenty years? Kudos on this! Very nice.

  6. Once again understated elegance. It speaks muscle when it’s sitting still.I like it andwould haveto top one out for lux.

    This will be the new family car.

  7. Huge improvement but the front end is bit trucky and not very appealing. The profile says Chrysler 300.

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