2010 Mercedes E class videos

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I still think it is a shame.
The interior is “almost” OK. For a car that will be well over $50 000 in the US…

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  1. I think it still looks great.

    No doubt that it will sell well, even in Europe where people don’t care about brands.

  2. Were they intentionally trying to copy the Chrysler Sebring? Can’t wait to see the better looking Chinese copy.

  3. I've got inside info on the options list:
    -AM/FM radio with 8-Track Cassette player & 2 speakers
    -Goodyear Polyglas 14" Wide-Oval Whitewall tires
    -Halo Vinyl Roof with Opera Windows
    -Electric 2-speed Windshield Wipers
    -Color-Keyed full wheel covers
    -Naugahyde Upholstery

  4. i’m now fully convinced that they INTENTIONALLY designed the interior to make it look like a 25 years old design.

    srsly, new civic and corolla got more modern looking interior than this, and the exterior is nothing to brag about as well

  5. those wheels are pure lol

    seriously, efficiency, ride, i dont care its not worth it too make it look that unbalanced.

    BMW put at least 17 inch ones on a 5 series, i think jag xfs minimum of 18

  6. The interior is only okay. I just don’t like the design on the nav screen area. Its not intergrated as well as the S class cars and it looks cheap compared to them.

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