2010 Mercedes E Class

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Still doesn’t say “Over $50 000” to me…

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  1. I like the exterior is tight… but they screwed up the interior. Looks like they designed it with a straight edge. It will still sell like crack.

  2. That looks like the base Euro only spec interior, right Vince? I’ve seen photos with gathered leather on the doors and more trim on the center dash.

  3. MB is in serious need of design overhaul. Change the MB logo and slap a Kia logo on it, and its price will plummet by $30k. Pity!

  4. nice kia! o wait, who makes this, what the … no way… what! o no! now I know why people are buying genesis.

  5. This car is just awful. It looks like it was styled by the same geniuses that brought us the Jeep Patriot. It’s blocky, lacking sensitivity and just plain clumsy. The hideous, brittle, uninviting interior even more so. Shame on you Mercedes for wrecking a brand!

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