2010 Toyota Prius

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Bigger, more power and better gas mileage.

They will sell tons of these, if the price doesn’t go up too much.
it shouldn’t because they now have the Lexus version on top of it…

Plus, it is now officially a bit more “Burlapp friendly” thanks to the glass roof option…

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  1. All I can say is “woof woof”. I am a Prius fan but this verson along with the Lexus HS250h look like they were designed in China. What a disappointment for the long build up Toyota gave us.

  2. This thing is HIDEOUS! They even gave it styling cues from scion. Personnally I’d rather be poked in the eye then look at this thing. Solar panels huh…..How much weight do they add to the car and how much do they REALLY contribute to efficiency? They sound like a gimmick to me since solar panels are quite inefficient to start with. But I could be wrong….not about it’s looks, it is freakin’ hideous…..no, I could be wrong about the solar panels. Does anyone know anything about THESE PARTICULAR solar panels? To me the Honda Insight looks A LOT better and the Hybrid Fusion (I realize they’re different class cars) looks right on.

    It seems to me that Toyotas styling has really gone down the crapper, big time, the past couple of years. If people out there really like the styling of this thing then hey, more power to them. I think they need glasses with at least one inch thick lenses, but if they do like it, good for them and Toyota.

  3. Not a joke, that’s the solar panel roof option (Toyota admitted not that efficient as it can’t run the airco completely just as an aid).

  4. I was hoping it was a joke, but I’ve heard about the solar panels also. Mechanically I’m sure it’ll be a fine car. It just looks so freakin’ bad. On the bright side though, I do like the shift knob. That’s about it though.

  5. shameful a car blogger saying they will buy a hybrid. nickel mining = nickel battery = no good strip mining for the environment = look it up vinny

  6. The prius has always been a different looking vehicle. But if you look at the success of them it would be a mistake on toyotas part to drop the model or change it too much. Toyota and most other car makers have added hybrid variants to their standard models ie toyota-camry, ford-escape,nissan-altima, etc. But none have found the success that the prius has had.
    I myself arn’t in the market for a prius or hybrid, maybe in a few years time.
    So i guess it is the distinction that makes the prius recognisable as a succesful volume selling hybrid.

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