2011 Chevrolet Orlando

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GM just announced that the Chevrolet Orlando will be sold in the US for 2011.
It had previously mentioned this would be a European model, not sold in the US.

Another good idea. The 7 seater wagon is based on the Chevrolet Cruze platform.

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  1. It has a EV vibe or something…

    Maybe Chevy will offer it with Volt power-train version, since it’s built on Cruze platform…

  2. Hope they give it a manual transmission option like the Mazda5. My wife and I are getting ready to start a family and want a thrifty 6-7 seater that is fun to drive with a manual trans. Mazda has the market cornered here, hope a Chevy will be on our shopping list as well……are you listening Chevy?

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