All new Hyundai Equus interior

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Not much to see yet, but it will look expensive.
The Genesis already has a very nice interior.

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  1. Nah, not really!!! I think this looks a lot classier than the new Infiniti/Nissan dash that is in the Maxima. I think it looks nice even through the glare…. We are all entitled to our opinion though

  2. Yes It’s obvious and surprising that all the Hyundai/Kia sales staff were offended over the maxima dash comment. I do apologize for making you all feel petty, little and small, but it’s true. Hyundai/kia are far from original. It’s a major compliment to say Kia / Hyundai in same sentence as Maxima. You should all bow to Nissan and thank them that their designers makes cars worthy of copying. Poor simple wanna be hyundai/kia Playas! Hahaha

  3. Your right the current Hyundais can now be mentioned in the same breath as Honda, Nissan and Toyota. While the new Genesis and Equus are being compared to Lexus, Infiniti and BMW. Wow Hyundai has come a long way in such a short time. No wonder the sales numbers are better then most right now.

  4. That dash configuration is quite typical and common. It’s the materials and the technologies that makes up the dash that should be taken into account. We must have a media board in the middle and the vents can either be vertical or horizontal. How many variations can there be???? whoever made the very first comment about the “maxima b.s.” is an idiot.

  5. “LOOK CLOSELY, then look at Maxima dash. Thay are 100% THE SAME.”Wow, you are right. They are both black!!!!The steering wheel doesn’t look the same.The LCD screen looks about 6-7 inches lower than the Maxima.The LCD screen also looks much bigger.Try this one: even close.

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