All new Mercedes E500 Coupe

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Even though there will also be a V6 version, it’ll still be a “way over $50 000” car.
I must say, these official pictures make it look a bit better than before.

But that interior with the beige/brown combo doesn’t look too upscale, does it…

A convertible will follow soon.

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  1. Jeeeeeeesus is that a beautiful car!!!!

    Good lord, if only I had the money. I wonder if I could trade my wife for that car???

  2. $50,000+ for a V6 is unacceptable for this kind of vehicle. Although they are more powerful than yesterday’s V8’s….its still a mental backwash.

  3. I’m finding that I like newer Mercedes better in person. These pics don’t excite me. But there is something about the new design language that evokes power and seriousness in person. Some cars look better in print than they do in person, like the Hyundai Genesis. Then there are cars that look better in 3D that pictures can’t convey.

  4. I think it is obvious Vince has a jealousy of luxury cars. This car is stunning and the interior looks like a vault. well done Benz

  5. Weak looking?? I’m shocked by that comment. I never liked the current generation CLK for that same reason-but Mercedes is definitely taking strides to return to the 80’s”toughness” with this coupe as well as the sedan version…

  6. The exterior is nice. I really do like it. I just don’t like the interior. Looks like they designed it with a straight edge. I also hope the convertible will be a ragtop not one of those heavy trunk eating hardtops.
    I currently have a CLK 550 Convertible and except for the interior I love it. Im looking forward to the new one.

  7. As Mercedes goes, it’s a nice looking car. But it’s still just a Mercedes: under-sized and over-priced. On a par with a $25,000 Malibu thats had $15,000 of after-market upgrades bolted on. With roughly the interior dimensions and substantially worse reliability than the Malibu!

  8. I only wish they could make the grille emblem LARGER. Gee… it’s only about as big as a frisbee, how is anyone going to know that you’re driving a Benz. More Cowbell…more Emblem!! (Geez those marketing people just don’t get how important a big ass grille emblem is to our image on the road)

  9. It may be me, but, MB’s designs seem to be the same across all models year after year…after year…after year.

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