All new Opel Astra

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I am not sure this will end up as a Saturn over here, because by the time the car comes out there might not be a Saturn brand anymore.
But still, this should be a really nice compact. The current one is already a good car.

Thanks to a reader for this.

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  1. it would make more sense to eliminate buick, pontiac, and saturn, and in turn bring Opel to the States again.. this would give a fresh new brand that has excellent cars in Europe and a strong dealer-base in the States. There is no need for more than 1 mid-level brand, and as Cadillac takes the top-end, and Chevy the bottom, Opel could make a great mid-level brand along the likes of Acura or Infiniti.

  2. Slap a Buick grille on and the price range will actually start to make some sense!

    Plus this will get rid of the “old person” stigma, while trying to reach a new audience who may “graduate” to other vehicles within the brand.

  3. Looks great. It follows the new Opel design language. The new Meriva should also be arriving sometime soon, a prototype was shown 10 months ago already. I’m hoping we will see both of them in Geneva in March

  4. It looks great. Hopefully they got rid of that cheesey display on the current model and put something nicer in the next version. As far as I’m concerned they don’t have to put in another display. They could put a storage cubby on the top, followed by vents and then the radio. I don’t know, I just hope they made it look better. Add some advertising and a cheaper price and they may have a winner.

  5. No!! Buick shouldnt have this!! This should be the next Vibe non Toyotaized!! Pontiac/Buick should be going against Mazda,Hyundai, Acura,and Lexus! Enclave for the Mazda CX7 and 9;Acura MDX and RDX;Lexus RX300s.Lacrosse for Mazda 6;Acura TL and TSX;Regal (if produced)Mazda 3;Lexus IS300.Buick Riviera if produced against Lexus SC! Pontiac G8 should be for Lexus ES300s;Lexus GS and Acura RL. Pontiac G6 should go after Hyundai Sonata and Azera. Solstice/G6 conv if G6 goes RWD-Mazda5 and Dodge hybrid coupe(if it makes production)!

  6. GM might have a cold, but it is getting better. Once the credit crunch lifts off their shoulders, GM will finally be able to thrive like before. Have you seen the 2010 Buick LaCrosse? Absolutely stunning…Puts Lexus to shame at half the price. Corvette ZR1, Chevy BEAT, Malibu and new Traverse? Amazing vehicle at the top of their class…

    Many anything-but-domestic simpletons might wish the demise of GM, only to “prove” their point…But GM is not going anywhere. Deal with it…Next.

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