Audi Sportback Concept

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Take away the concept bits, like the huge wheels etc.. And what you have here is the all new Audi A7.

A bit larger than an A6, but much better looking.
And the A6 is already a good looking car.

The only disappointment is that it doesn’t seem to be a hatch. Why would you design a car that looks like a hatchback, if id doesn’t have one???
Especially for a European brand where hatchbacks are popular.

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  1. i think it is a hatchback. in bigger pictures you can see the cut-line above the rear glass and the thick pillars along the inside.

  2. Honestly, I hate the back of this car. A Mercedes CLS or VW (Passat) CC is so much more elegant and beautiful…but hey, it’s still better looking than the new Porsche Panamera 🙂

  3. Come on people. The truth is that we drive our cars alone 90% of the time. AUDI knows how to design cars. Now they have to make them more reliable.

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