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From various places in 2008…

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  1. Breasts by Michelin,
    Sculpted silicone rubber never looked so good. I wonder what they cost today? More or less than a set of performance tires?

  2. OMG, Burlapp that is the best photo I ever seen on this site(last pic). If She is in Detroit, you better bring her back to the hotel. Second thought, I am packing my bags.

  3. And THIS is why everyone is really bailing on the detroit show. It’s a cesspool. Detroit has “diverse” pear-shaped women in pleated Gap khakis and oversized polo shirts, spitting McBurger on the audience while attempting to mumble something about a Hemi from the turnstyle. I’ll take sexy Geneva or Paris any day over the ghettofabulous city of Detroit and those UAW lunchtime beer swilling underachievers.

  4. leave my perfectly beautiful whores alone, they are all loveable, smart and intellects. …..and even if they are not, it doesn’t matter, they always win because they are what they are.

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