Chevrolet Spark in the US for 2011

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That’s another anouncement from GM
The US Spark is supposed to be getting over 40MPG when it comes over here.

I guess although a bit smaller, it will replace the Aveo.

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  1. So this is going to be the Fiesta’s competition in the near future? Although I’m sure this will be better than the Aveo, the Fiesta’s look is so much sleeker.

  2. so is GM really going to BRING that here to the us? guess those suv’s didn’t sell after all! remember a couple months back? GM said no need for fuel efficient vehicles people wanted to buy MORE SUV’s.. hahaha.. too funny indeed.

  3. Who would get this over the Fiesta or a Fit?

    I certainly wouldn’t. This looks like it came out of a comic book…

  4. Please let’s pray that gas stays cheap for a while yet so that this trend of hideous micro-cars can come to an end. It must be the case that there is just nothing that can be done to make such a small package the least bit stylish or graceful. If this is the future of American cars, I’ll be buying used ones for the rest of my life. How are you supposed to get excited about something like this??

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