Chrysler and Fiat officially partners.

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That means Fiat will own 35% of Chrysler.
Sure, they all talk of “sharing”. Engines, platforms etc… But that takes years.
Even if Chrysler wants to use a Fiat platform for an upcoming model, they still have to design it etc… This will take years.
They need good stuff now.

So what do you think?
What Fiat/Alfa model would you like to see in a US Chrysler showroom?
My vote goes to the 500…

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  1. I dont know if anyone remember the picture showing a 500 being taken off of a truck at the Chrysler headquarters, but I have a feeling that Chrysler is a lot father along than people think. Remember, they tend to show up with big surprises a lot more often than not…

    Im thinking a Demon built on the new Barachetta platform

  2. The news here is that Ghosn passed on Chrysler when he could have had all or part of it for virtually nothing. Ghosn isn’t stupid.

  3. Sorry Vince, but You used the “old” FIAT Logo – the new one is red as it was in the past once too.

    So an european company in trouble which needs help to survive takes over an US company in trouble which needs help to survive too?

    Doesn’t make sense for me at all…

    Anyway to answer Your question: I guess You might be happy in the US to get the Alfa Romeo 159, Brera and maybe the small cuddly MiTo as the Fiat Bravo as well.

  4. Talk about left field!

    Well it took Daimler about 5 years to cross over some type of product (the 2003 Dodge Sprinter), so I imagine this taking at least as long, if not, longer.

    I have to do some more research on Fiat/AR models….I tend to ignore them.

  5. To Mr. Burlapp’s question:

    I dig the Bravo and the Qubo. [Check out the UK website, it’s got great narration by this Scottish guy, sounds kinda like Shrek would if he were wearing a business suit.] The 500 would be a no-brainer.

    As far as Alfas go, the MiTo, 159, Brera, GT and 8C. They’re beautiful, all of them.

    As far as Lancias go, Delta and Thesis.

    Realistically, we’ll see those cars here alongside Renaults and Peugeots… it ain’t gonna happen.

    But we can dream.

    -Some Guy

    PS: As for the merits of the merger… we shall see…

  6. I remember when Nash made its Metropolitan with Austin engines and other parts.

    Chrysler once had some kind of relationship with Simca and later sold Mitsubishi cars as Dodge Colts and Plymouth Arrows, among others.

    The early Plymouth Horizon and Dodge Omni twins had VW engines in about 1978, before Chrysler had its own all-new 4 cylinder engine.

    Then there was Renault which owned much of American Motors when Chrysler bought AMC in 1987. The Dodge Monaco was a re-branded Renault Premier, a car few people cared to buy.

    The point in all the above nostalgia is that these complex relationships produced no significant cars and the companies involved became progressively weaker.

    A tie-up between Chrysler and Fiat will yield what’s known in intellectual circles as BUPKES (or bupkis if you prefer).

  7. How about an all new updated PT Cruiser based on the 500 platform? Something so unique and original like the 1st PT was, on the Fiat platform, would sell like crazy!

  8. This isn’t really a merger, is it? Both companies are still separate, right, and Fiat only controls 35%… or is it?

    I think the idea was that Fiat wanted to re-enter the US market without having to build a dealer network, so they now can use Chrysler’s while Chrysler gets some much needed help with building small cars. The question is, will we actually get any Fiats or will they be sold exclusively rebeanded as Chryslers. You can’t have the Chrysler 500 being smaller than the 300.

    This collaberation works much better than Chrysler/GM or even Chrysler/Nissan – there would be too much overlap in the product lines with either one. With this, you have Chrysler’s trucks, SUVs and large sedans with Fiat group’s smaller car expertise.

    For me, I’ll take a Chrysler/Fiat/Alfa (or whatever the hell brand they choose) Brera please. Just don’t go changing the design to “better suit American tastes”

  9. The Fiat brands will probably not be up to US Spec for import but they could use some of the drivetrain parts in Chrysler cars to create synergies and close additional parts plants. Fiats were sold in the US in the 70’s. I remember liking the X19 sports car but they were plagued with electrical problems. Hope the quality is better.

  10. Vince, won’t it be strange if ford sells the “ka” here while crystler is selling the fiat 500….

  11. So, are they going to call the new company Fiasler? Sounds awfully close to fiasco. Then again, they could just call it Fias Co.

  12. every comment speaks to american cockiness and arrogance. The people that are hated the world over never really stop to look into the mirror nor to listen to themselves. Fiat is a world class product and chrysler is world class garbage that is on its death bed. Anyone interested in them should be very welcome. Fiat will help these schleps.,

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