Fiat 500 Convertible

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I guess Fiat has decided to go retro with the convertible version of the new 500.
More like a powered canvas top than a true convertible. But still fun, I guess…

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  1. No a bad idea to keep the roofs silhouette, as it a major part of the 500s cute design.

    Plus there is no need for a rollover protection, just like VW convertible used to have. Because of that, we called it the “picnic basket” over here 😉

    Back to the topic: this is a great little idea as it´s cheap to pruduce, plus it´s unique. I don´t know of any other major manufacturer produces such a convertible. Oh wait… ther´s the Maybach Landaulet 😉

  2. 1970’s saying “fix it again tony” is inaccurate and racist! it’s like fix or repair daily for FORD, only that’s still true. Grow up!

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