Friend of the Chubby nerd in the Lexus HS

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And he likes it.

Keep in mind, the video is all stretched out to get that fake HD look, so the car looks longer than it is, and the guy looks wider…

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  1. very honda civic front end. very corolla body ( identical)Very plasticky. this type of geek that would buy it.

  2. terrible black plastic on back of front seats. No folding back seats, no rear legroom, trunk hinges take up trunk space. all this stuff comes standard on the base Nissan Versa. WTF. Luxury? can you use that word when the basics that come in the lowest priced economy cars aren’t present? another toyota scam. Still uses “strip mining” Nickel batteries. Google that and see if you could still buy one knowing you are raping the environment in the battery production process.

  3. It's shot in HD:

    However they made (again) 2 errors when uploading:
    – wrong aspect ratio as you pointed out
    – not deinterlaced so you see 2 shifted pictures when there's motion

    I think rather they just don't know how to properly encode for youtube…

    That said I don't see a market for this car anyway. If you want to save fuel why buy a more expensive Prius sized Hybrid?

  4. Pontiac Grand Prix rear end. Civic side view, stupid “mouse” derivative front end that could be a Honda, Ford or VW. Unless it’s run for 300,000 miles, this car will require more natural resources to produce and operate than a mid sized size SUV. I hate this car.

  5. Hybrid batteries are recycled free of charge by both Honda and Toyota. Search for that plus checkout the lifetime of Hybrid batteries (10+ years).

    But I don’t see the case for this Hybrid model. If you want to save the environment you’re better off with the much cheaper Insight or Prius with much more cargo space (foldable seats) and much better mileage.

  6. Petrol and fossil fuels damage the environment as well.
    Any better ideas for self propulsion??
    Otherwise stop complaining and get out your push bike.

  7. Don’t worry. It will sell like hot cake

    O Vince, why make fun of the guy? I guess professional courtesy is dead, heh?

  8. I think YouTube did something to the video. Also we don’t shoot in HD, YouTube automatically does that to high quality video for their new feature.

    the 480 x 295 ratio is what YouTube spit out for the proper ratio. We didn’t mess with it.

  9. I shoot regularly in HD and I don't have these problems but I can see it can be tricky to do it right for youtube.

    Youtube doesn't change aspect ratio for higher res content (480p/720p) unless it's not in 16:9. It definitely won't interlace a deinterlaced video so you need to do that in the encoding.

    See here youtube 720p HD example from TOV of Insight with no problems:

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