GM at the Auto Show

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Pretty girl showing us the GM stuff from the Detroit Auto Show….

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  1. It was funny to see the insignia pull up behind the Aura.

    Looks like great products, but I’ll believe them when I see them on the road, but nowadays, everyone is making their concept cars into reality like Chrysler has done.

  2. The last GM product I owned required a new transmission at 50,000 miles and a new A/C compressor at 53,000 miles. Until I can be sure components in the car matching the far better design of exteriors and interiors I’ll sit on the sidelines. This is the unfortunate legacy of GM.

  3. The anonymous poster complaining aobut components in GM cars should learn that many of those components are made by third parties and used in GM, Toyota, BMW, Honda, … and other cars.

  4. too dramatic for my tastes. why doesn’t gm save some of its bailout money and skip the dramatic, presidential-race-like curtain throwing and clapping? honda had no fancy unveiling for its insight, which at this point and time is a more practical gas/electric car than the volt that won’t be out for another two years!

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