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It seems that Nissan is actually thinking about producing a high end sporty sedan based on the GTR.
I think it’s a good idea.
The Infiniti Q45 never really worked, trying too much to be a Lexus.
This would give then something completely different.

But that also means it could only be a Nissan. When, at least in the US, it should be an Infiniti. Unless they come up with a design that doesn’t look at all like the GTR…

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  1. Thats awesome. Good for competing against those hideous looking porsche and aston martin 4 doors.

  2. I don’t think it is going to work as a Nissan and definitely not under Infiniti nameplate. The coupe is now costing north of $80k. Add another 2 doors would probably pushing it close to $100k. Sedans or coupe-like 4-door conjure image of family and not sportiness. Consumers buying the GTR coupe because of the image of what-they-can’t-have (at least the last 10 years or however long it was).

    A 4-door loses its mystique especially if it had a Nissan or even Infiniti plate on it. People with this much money would go for the CLS AMG, new Porshe 4-door coupe. Those cars have cache.

    Plus the economy is now in a toilet and I would imagine the consumer’s confidence won’t come back full speed for at 2 years.

  3. Apparently, Nissan still sells the Cima and President models (previous donors to the Q45 nameplate) in JDM. They could bring them back at any time, if the market demanded it. However, something GTR-based would make more sense for the US market (and also help amortize GTR production costs).

  4. “The Infiniti Q45 never really worked, trying too much to be a Lexus.
    This would give then something completely different.” HUH??? The reason the Q couldn’t attain the sales numbers of a generic Camry/Lexus is because it WAS different. Same problem Jag has often had. This one may have that problem also — but I agree thats it’s a darn nice design. (Of course I thought the Q, Riviera, most Jags and the ’64 Vette and Fleetwood were choice; so what do I know?)

  5. yeah but the coupe costs $80k! how much more would a 4-door would go for? the Q costs around $60k. I agree with previous poster that this one with be north of $100k.

  6. Wow, take an ugly sports car and make it into an even uglier sedan at a premium price during an economic worldwide depression. Great idea! No one doubt the GT-R price/performance ratio, but no one is buying this car because of its looks.

  7. This looks putrid. It doesn’t work as a sedan. The loser Maxima has been neglected for four model generations and needs some attention to become relevant again. With a little cosmetic help, this car would be a perfect next Maxima.

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