Guessing the next Saab 9.5

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A few people have tried over the past couple of years.
But so far, only the 3rd illustration seems close to the spy shots I posted earlier. Unfortunately,
it is the most boring looking one.

The last picture was taken at a GM meeting, showing the real thing. At least an optimistic illustration of it…

I would have been great if the new top of the line Saab could have been an original and futuristic alternative to high end European sedans.
Some manufacturers are known for their daring designs, unusual, almost weird personalities.
Like Saab, Citroen and Subaru.

Of these three, only Citroen seems to be putting out something interesting and different.
Subaru seems to have completely lost it, and Saab has been on a conservative path for years…

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  1. Vince,

    You could at least wait until we see the final product before complaining. All we know so far is that it has four wheels, a rear wiper, and looks kind of dumpy in chequerboard.

  2. I can tell you this:

    It will be a quirky, weird car and have abysmal depreciation/resale value. I made the mistake of buying a used 2005 9-3 Aero and it was a terrible vehicle.

    It makes absolutely NO sense to buy a Saab new when you can buy a year old used one for 20K off of MSRP. THAT is what I call a discount.

  3. it will definitely be a FF based car just like mainstream mid-sizes like camry accord mazda6 and altima

    it will very likely be less powerful than mainstream mid-sizes like camry accord mazda6 and altima, in the rare case that it doesn’t have a weaker engine, it will at most have a 10-15 hp advantage, which is nothing in reality

    it will WITHOUT DOUBT cost at least $15000 more than all the midsize family car equipped with a v6 listed above.

    it will WITHOUT DOUBT have worse, WAY WORSE resale value

    it will WITHOUT DOUBT have worse reliability.

  4. While all the automotive world gets duller and more redundant; SAAB still manages to be fresh / exciting / different. And THAT’S something I’ll be GLAD to pay extra for !!! Life is too short to be slouging about in an amorphous Camery.

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