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Pictures of our US version. ( I still don’t see a sunroof)

I hear some people are already claiming you could get up to 63MPG.
Pretty amazing. And being based on the new Fit, it can only be more fun to drive than the Prius.

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  1. This is the first time I actually considered this vehicle. The Volt is in dangerous territory with this one. I can already see the comparison commercial wars between this, the volt, and the prius.

    I’m actually starting to weigh this against my new love, the Hyundai Elantra Touring….but I need to see this in person to compare the cargo room.

  2. If it is based on the Fit, will it also include the “Magic Seat” ability for added cargo configuration, and paddle shifters?

  3. I really like this vehicle.

    It has a lot more flare than the boring Prius and I am sure the driving dynamics are going to be great. If they price this right it is going to be a hit.

  4. Also pretty ugly, especially the rear end. The Chevy Volt looks worlds better in every department, even from just a styling point.

  5. It is a nice little car with nice little touches, but I wish it had the Civic windshield wiper system where it the blade move in opposite directions and met up together in the middle.

  6. The first Insight had a smiliar back so don’t say Toyota copy… The back doesn’t allow for much freedom to get best Cd value.

    Weird is that expected EPA combined mileage will be 2% higher than Civic Hybrid at only 41mpg. Yet according to Euro+Japan test standards it would be 5% more fuel efficient plus Edmunds got 55.5mpg in mixed driving.

    Pricing is expected around $18K for the base version up to $22K for the EX (according to edmunds).

    The Insight is not based on the Fit. It has a few shared components but dimensions are very different.

  7. Vince – have you driven the ’09 Fit? I don’t remember seeing anything about it on your blog.

  8. This car is so much better looking than the prius. plus, honda interiors are much nicer than toyotas. I still can’t get used to the centered instrument panel in toyotas either. Isn’t the point to not have to take your eyes off the road?

  9. 40 MPG…the 63MPG is just a marketing lie to get people to pay attention…MBAs are scumbags like politicians.

  10. How can you call the 63MPG claims made by an independant car magazine a marketing lie? Car manufacturers have one source for their MPG ratings that get pubished on the car, that is the EPA. Oh, and lumping all MBAs in one group (either scumbags or politicians) is obnoxious.

  11. marketing lies… i bought a new car last year, it far exceeds the “EPA” rating as far as fuel economy…

    flipping through the owners manual, found a “sample” EPA milage window sticker explaining the meaning of all the terms… suprise, surprise – the milage shown in the “sample” is just about what i get in real life driving (i drive more spirited than most)…

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