Lexus HS 250h

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What a sexy name.. Not.

This is the Lexus version of the 2010 Prius. So it has mostly ots own design which includes a regular trunk for the more conservative/older Lexus audience.
And the gas engine used is a larger 2.4 Liter, similar to the Camry hybrid.
You know they will sell tons of these.

MPG won’t be as good as the new Prius, but better than the Camry hybrid. And with leather/wood interior, available sunroof and all the stuff you can find in a luxury car.

Available late summer.

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  1. Thats a pretty good looking vehicle for a size of a Corolla.
    Looks like a mini IS250. And it still will probably still be cheaper than the Volt.

  2. what a disgrace. toyota corolla shameless copy into an expensive p.o.s. I hate toyotas….really i do

  3. Nice to see Toyota/Lexus sticking to their so-boring-it’s-ugly school of design. The HS 250h (say that 10x fast) looks like a pimped-out Corolla. Nothing about the HS 250h says luxury car. And what’s going on with that ghastly interior? The center stack looks stupid.

    Hollywood will love this thing.

  4. I don’t know about this. It looks like a Honda from the front. An anonymous japanese/korean/chinese anycar from the rear and a cobbled mess on the inside.

    I’m sure they will sell a ton of them because Lexus will give a them to Leonardo DiCaprio, and freaks like Janeane Garofalo and Susan Sarandon. Then the mainstream suburban lemmings will flock to them in spite of the reality that hybrids are horrible to the environment.

  5. No Luxury here. Looks like a Corrola! Lexus just created thier own Cimmeron! The Cadillac plugin based on Volt will LOOK like a luxury car!

  6. cock a doodle doo said…
    what a disgrace. toyota corolla shameless copy into an expensive p.o.s. I hate toyotas….really i do

    January 11, 2009 3:57 PM

    Your name says it all. Especially the first word.

  7. Why add a redundant “h” to the end. Isn’t that what the “HS” is already supposed to designate?

    All it needs to be called is the Lexus HS. Plain and simple. It’s not like the “250” even means anything…taking the meaningless “600” route like the HS 600h is a bad idea.

  8. I think toyota do a good job with their vehicles because it keeps the competition on their toes.
    Look at what merc,bmw,cadillac,etc were when lexus came out in the late eighties. Those brands were still selling their barges that were made in the 70’s.
    Now look at those brands now.
    It took someone to do it.

  9. in french, HS (Hors Service) means OUT OF ORDER…humm, a brillant name for this design. I hope
    Cadillac will do a better job (Converj)

  10. A Corolla is a Corolla is a Corolla. You can call it NOVA or MATRIX or VIBE or GEO or LEXUS HYBRID, but is still has the dull cold simpleton stigma of a Corolla. And that’s O:K for $11,500. But is NOT O:K at almost 20 grand!

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