Lincoln Concept C

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The concept C is based on the next generation Ford Focus. The one we will get.
So it’s interesting to see Lincoln maybe getting a version of this car.
Why not.

It’s about time for small fuel efficient luxury cars over here too.

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  1. This thing looks like a Renault with a mustache. Actually, I kinda like it as a concept, but I don’t know if I could actually pay money for a car with such a silly face.

  2. Weird looking boxy cars are great if they’re priced under $20,000.00. I actually like them a lot. But Lincoln? Nobody’s granddad is going to buy something that looks like that. Every brand does NOT need a car from every platform. Imagine if Cadillac decided to slap some emblems on a Cobalt and sell it? (OK, they basically did just that with the Cimarron, but that just proves my point. Cadillac has restored its reputation since then)

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