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The all new “Flex base” MKT will start at $45 000.
And will run up to about $55 000 with all the options including the turbo EcoBoost engine and AWD.
Sure, it is less than a Mercedes or an Audi Q7 with similar equipment.

But the loaded Buick Enclave I drove last year was around $46 000. Not the base model.
It it was a great drive. I can’t really imagine the Lincoln being that much better. Plus, nobody yet will compare a Lincoln to a German Luxury brand. Their pricing should be more aligned to what other domestic manufacturers are doing….

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    Talk about wrong timing.

    I guess Ford WILL dip into the bailout money pot!

  2. It’s too expensive. People aren’t going to spend that much for what amounts to a tarted-up Ford Flex.

  3. Kudos to Lincoln for not simply rebadging the Flex metal with plastic bits and calling it a Lincoln. They are distinctly different inside and out. However the Flex is more stately, more stylish and more distinguished. I don’t care for the new Lincoln front. Its grotesque screaming face is disturbing actually. If it were competitive, I’d say that it is priced right. But it’s priced too high because it’s not appealing enough to compete in this category. They need to change that front, pronto.

  4. The base version of this thing should line up more with the Limited range price of the Flex. Maybe a couple grand more. $45,000 is too much to ask for. $35-36-37 sounds more reasonable.

  5. flex based huh u havent even driven this car and i m pretty sure its not gonna drive like a flex….and ppl are stupid enough to listen to another stupid…so what if its based on the flex..

  6. The Buick Enclave you tested may have been around $46,000 but did it have Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Push Button Start, Adaptive Headlighting, Cooled Front Seats, Rear Heated Seats,Automatic High Beams, Blind Spot Warning, Collision Warning with Brake Support, My Key, or Sync with an internal Hard Drive? So if you don’t want all that stuff and equip an MKT just like the Enclave it probably would be around $46,000. The Flex doesn’t even have some of that stuff. I am disappointed in the looks of the MKT. Flex looks much better and so does the Enclave.

    I don’t think it’s wrong timing for these type of vehicles at all. It’s basically a car based replacement for the Navigator. At least people who need a 3 row SUV have more fuel efficient choices. This will get probably 22-23mpg with AWD and the Navigator gets maybe 16 mpg on a good day on the highway driving with the wind behind a semi.

  7. “You will be able to get a one year old one for $20K.” But not at a Lincoln Dealer. I bought my 9 month old Lexus at 56% OFF retail from a Chrysler dealer. (he took it in trade on a 300 with 425HP)

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