Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback in the US

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After telling us this car was only for the Japanese and European market, they’ve decided to sell it over here after all. It’s coming in the summer.
It looks OK. Not nearly as good as the concept from the previous year though.
And not as good as a Mazda3.
They ned to stand out. And I don’t think the “Sportback” is the answer…
So again, Mitsubishi will be in a position where they can pretty much only sell this if it is cheaper than the competition.

That’s a crowded place to be, with Hyundai and Kia.
Even more so once the Chinese car makers finally make it into the US market.

Good luck…

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  1. you said “Mitsubishi… can pretty much only sell this if it is cheaper than the competition.” I say HOGWASH! Sure the Tribeca tail end is goofy and the C piller is a bit dumpy; but Mercedes and Toyota have been selling cars for years with dumpy styling and higher-than-the-competition prices. At least this has a seriously good-looking front end! (more than I can say for Camry or S-class!)

  2. I’m all for hatches here in the USA but I don’t think this is going to do very well here. The hatch design doesnt look good at all. It looks like an afterthought which we all know it is. I think they should have kept it a hatch back but gave it more of a notchback look. And if and when this DOSE’NT sell well here, everyone is going to say, “you see, Americans hate hatchbacks”. I think all they had to do was put a little more effort into it and I think then it would do well. Remember that wagon rendering that was floating around? That was awesome! Maybe that guy should have designed the hatch.

  3. I like this car but Vince is right. It’s not as attractive as the Mazda3. And lets be real, there is not a big market in the U.S. for wagons. Unless you put over sized tires and a raised suspension and market it as something it was never meant to be…

  4. Mitsubishi, looking to win Dakar Rally again, pulled out completely. They admitted that their cars are junk virtually, by doing this. Too Many problems on the new entry to possibly win, so they packed up their bags and ran away. What a loser company.

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