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This is obviously the British version, but ours should look pretty much the same.
I think it looks pretty decent. Especially for the “rumored” starting price of $18 500.

A nice looking affordable 5 seated hatch that gets amazing mileage.
What’s not to love….

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  1. Glad they did away with that goofy rear-tire cover thingy the last Insight had. I always wondered why it had that. I assume aerodynamics. Or maybe ‘cuz it looked “futuristic.”

    Very clean looking vehicle, I’m sure it’s great.

    So, where’s my NSX…?

  2. No matter how low the price of a hybrid, do you really save money with a hybrid if you have to spend thousands of dollars to replace the batteries, or do you try to offload it when it comes time to replace the batteries?

  3. I think it looks fantastic!

    A lot less boring than the “blend in” Prius does! This will do well, especially when gas prices go back up…

  4. Another wimpy and confusing grill from…Honda! For some reason these photos do not make it look attractive.

  5. What’s not to love? For one, it’s ugly. But with gas now around $1.75, dealers won’t be able to jack up the price to take advantage of panic buying.

  6. very toyota like, meaning ugly. there were mazdas in the 80’s/90’s that had a glass hatch like that 323 and mx3, only they were pretty. honda uses plastic suspension pieces, ever heard of that nonsense?

  7. I am curious about that plastic suspension info that was commented on. I was not able find info online about that.. how do you know this?

  8. Looks too much like the Prius to me. If you take the H badges off, you could pass it off as the next Prius redesign.

  9. nickel mining is very harmful to the environment, this is a farse. it uses nickel batteries. more damage to the environment than a hummer.

  10. This seriously needs some aftermarket ground effects and bigger wheels.

    Those additions could negatively affect aerodynamics and rolling resistance which kinda goes against the purpose of this car.

    more damage to the environment than a hummer.

    Please provide links to reliable information on that claim. It would be interesting to know more about it.

  11. SHAMELESS RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dont care what u say about aerodynamics. this is a carbon copy of the prius.

  12. dingy said…
    nickel mining is very harmful to the environment, this is a farse. it uses nickel batteries. more damage to the environment than a hummer.

    January 6, 2009 12:10 PM

    Google: prius hummer myth

    See what that article says.

  13. if it looks like a prius, it’s because the melted-soapbar shape shared between the two vehicles is part of the reason for their efficient aerodynamics. this is also true of the old insight, the fcx clarity, but not the ridgeline or pilot, for instance

    and yeah honda uses plastic suspension bits…on their driveshaft and strut covers like almost everyone else out there

    i was disappointed at the photo of the dark red car on this sight a few weeks ago. the wheels looked too small (or the vehicle too high) but if the u.s. version looks like this one (tack on orange indicators up front and pop out the rear bumper by about three inches), it will be my next car. check out that roofline!

  14. I’d prefer the same car with just a gas engine and a 5 or 6 speed stick.

    Knock a couple of grand off of the sticker and call it a day.

    For the life of me, I don’t know why Honda doesn’t make a Civic 5 door hatch.

  15. This is good at $18.5K. Better than the last one which looked like something my weak/freak little ex-wife would design.

  16. some will say this is the best shape for aerodynamic purposes BUT it looks too much like a prius. everyone will think it copies toyota because the prius came out first.

    some will say what about a crx. crx is a two door. what about a first gen insight, again it was a 2-door with rear wheel well cover

    this one is prius without the toyo badge.

    oh, well.

  17. This is not the first time Honda has copied Toyota. Honda’s claim to have had the first hybrid is false. Toyota had the first hybrid. The Toyota Prius came out in 1997 in Japan and Honda’s Insight followed in 1999. Their claim of being the first hybrid is based on the US release date only.

  18. i dont care what u say about aerodynamics. this is a carbon copy of the prius.

    With all due respect, you don’t understand the term “carbon copy.”

  19. UGLY!! Lets see, I hated this design when it was called the Toyota Prus. I guess the honda designers sat down and thought, Hey, I want to design a hybrid. Well, its gotta get great fuel economy and be affordable. Ok, I will make it look ugly so that when people see it, they will first go, “EWWW, what a ugly car but its good on gas and the environment so it must be awesome to be in it”.

  20. Where did I say the Fit was a 5 door Civic????

    I just said it was a 5 door hatch. Which it is.

  21. The Fit is definitely an alternative (Edmunds did recently comparo between Fit/Civic Hybrid). Slight difference Fit is a hatch and the Insight is a liftback (but sure hatch variant).

    But pricing will not be that far apart:

    1. Insight is 3-4K more but with more base options
    2. You get a tax deduction in the beginning
    3. In some states Hybrids are now sales tax exempt (for WA: saves almost 2K).
    4. Insight is much bigger than Fit and has much better city fuel economy.

    Battery is covered under warranty for 8-10 years so no concerns there either. Plus Honda recycles the battery for free.

  22. there is no myth about nickel mining being very bad for the environment….grow up

    I’m not the one who called your opinion a myth, but we’re all waiting for you to produce some evidence to support your earlier claim that nickel batteries are worse than Hummers for the environment. This is a topic worthy of discussion, but you offer little more than your own snide opinion. Tell us more how you base your opinion (snide or not) and this could be more interesting.

  23. dingy said…
    there is no myth about nickel mining being very bad for the environment….grow up

    January 7, 2009 7:35 AM

    There is no myth about the car you drive using fuel which is bad for the environment as well.
    Get a push bike.
    otherwise do you have any better ideas??

  24. Everytime this car gets pictured there are those who go with the Prius look alike comments.

    It is a five door hatch with the aerodynamic shape. When someone comes out with a basic three box four door sedan, are they copying someone else or just making a sedan.

    The proportions on this are much more appealing than the Prius, IMO. However, this kind of car is going to have the same basic shape. Like was said before, this design language was found in the previous CR-X and Insight in a 2 door. Add two more doors and the basic shape looks like this.

  25. it’s a fact that no car is good for the environment. even the honda fcx (runs on hydrogen, uses biologically degradable seat fabrics, etc.) has a negative impact. the production of fuel, the altogether bad impact of tires (production, road wear, waste removal), the toxic gases released during painting, mining the metal necessary to produce engine and body components, shipping the vehicle from factory to front door, etc. and that’s just for one car!

    sure hybrids save gas and emit less pollutants, but they are not beneficial to the environment.

    build a metal-free car without tires in your garage and then you can say that you drive a car that is good for the environment

  26. but they [hybrids] are not beneficial to the environment.

    No one but you suggested otherwise. It’s doubtful that any automobile is “beneficial” to the environment.

    There is an argument to be made that they are less harmful in terms of daily usage compared to, say, a Hummer.

    Prove us wrong, please.

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