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This is what happened at a Chinese Buick dealer when a husband didn’t buy the car his wife wanted, right away.
Watch her go nuts.

By the way, this is the all new Opel Insignia based Buick Regal, rumored to actually be considered for US sale.

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  1. FYI the 3 characters in yellow means “rich guy”.

    honestly for a second there i was hoping that she will floor it and run through the showroom window and land on half a dozen new cars outside.

  2. If only GM were this lucky with the US customers :).

    Chinese American don’t like Buick. They drive Mercedes and Lexus here. The ‘poor’ ones drive Toyota and Honda 🙂

  3. What were the keys doing in it?!

    Anyways, after spending the time on “our” LaCrosse, why would they think about bringing this over? Isn’t it the same thing with slightly different design cues? It wouold seem a little redundant….then again this is the same brand that made the Regal and Century share the same body style.

  4. What a farce. This is all set. How did she ever get keys inside the show room, and how did a camera happened to be there from the get go? Duh!

  5. Did they have the keys in it to show off the electronics?

    I guess I’m still wondering if the guy actually bought the car for her. I’d tell the dealer to call the police and put her in jail. Those chinese jails would declaw that one quick.

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