New Hyundai Equus

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The big Equus has been around forever.
FDR was still president when it first came out…

The new one will be based on the Genesis, of course. With similar engines.
But, even though the Genesis seems to be selling pretty well in the states, don’t expect its big brother over here any time soon.

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  1. I wouldn’t expect it here either. America doesn’t have a taste for cars of any kind right now, let alone big ones. especially not big Korean ones.

  2. Soul Brother No. 7 said…
    I wouldn’t expect it here either. America doesn’t have a taste for cars of any kind right now, let alone big ones. especially not big Korean ones.

    January 5, 2009 8:52 AM

    I agree with Soul Brother.
    Even the good ones are whined about at the moment.
    Must be the recession getting to people.

  3. Is it going to have that styling-over-function ‘window’ extension into the C/D-pillar?

    I don’t mind the uselessly small window-let THAT much – – Unless it’s black plastic rather than a window-let…
    somehow the shiny black part of the frame of the rear door bothers me…

  4. Part Audi 5 coupe and a bit new Camaro.
    Japenese and Eupeans will take note as will domestics.

  5. A contemporary Donk Ba Donk.
    Whats a Donk Ba Donk? Tell them about the East coast car craze Vince. Or just Wiki or Google it

  6. a larger p.o.s. hyundai builds all kinds of scrap, now they are trying their hand at expensive scrap.

  7. Hey Sweetnuts…you need to send your resume to Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend, Edmunds, et. al. They've got a nutty bunch of journalists who've tested the Genesis as well as other Hyundais and claim that they're equal or even superior to other vehicles in all aspects. Those idiots obviously don't have your educated and studied background in things Automotive, do they?

  8. sweet balls of fire, you believe that crap. you work at a korean car company dont you 🙂 I can tell, or were you a loser who bought one? Speaking of bought one, all those journalists are paid off…..junk is junk, korea is the capital next to china for producers of junk on this planet….which planet you from?

  9. anonymous….you there????. sweetnuts is right you know, don’t embarass yourself. none of those auto journalists are educated. where did you get such misinformation?

  10. Wow, So does that mean they were paid off buy Honda and Toyota too?
    I guess American companies just didn’t pay them enough because they are always at the bottom of the list. (rolleyes)
    Please cut the BS. Nothing wrong in liking a good car no matter what the brand is. More good cars the better.

  11. I agree with sweetnuts! Hyundai made the genesis and its nice looking but made out of cheap materials and no wonder why they have the 100,000 miles warranty. Just like Lexus, they pay off these journalist to say good stuff about the car. I mean come on, how can a Genesis be better than the Lexus GS??? I drove the Genesis and it feels like a boat and cannot stop fast enough and the car vibrates, rattles a bit. The genesis is still a work in progress.

  12. Tej, I drove a Lexus GS350 and you described its driving characteristics better than I could have with your second to last sentence. I still have to drive the Genesis, but will pay attention to the things you listed.

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