New pictures of the 2010 Honda Insight

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  1. Even if this car really could get 63 mpg (which I doubt) I could never get used to its strange dashboard. The new Prius interior looks so much better. I will wait for the Toyota…and I have been a Honda driver for 25 years.

  2. Looks pretty good to me. Some may consider the spaceshippy dash a bit childish, but I like this kind of thing (I have a robot from a japanese cartoon show as my avatar, after all!). This could well be my next car.

  3. What am I looking at ?
    The dash of a car or a prop from the new Star Trek movie ?
    Honda is really taking this “geek sheek” look too far.

  4. After driving an integra for years, i can say that there are times when I thout that the instrument cluster was too low from the line of sight and a bit deeply recessed to view quickly. So the idea of the upper and lower dash to me is kind of inspired.

  5. It has the silhouette of a Prius, the grille of a Ford, a front bumper of a Jetta. It’s completely unoriginal, so shame on Honda. But they’ll sell a ton of them. Not to me tho.

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