New pictures of the 2010 Toyota Prius

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First time I really see the sunroof.

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  1. They will still sell plenty despite the negative comments.
    If people like them they will buy one, they have the free will to do so.
    The people who dont like them, then dont buy one. Easy as that.

  2. It’s starting to grow on me. It looks better-proportioned overall. The wheels no longer look too tiny for the body.

  3. I’m betting that the big news on the new Prius is now much like the old Prius it will really be. All new = not so all new. Like the sunroof though.

  4. I agree it looks better than the old one. But why shell out 25k plus for one of these when the lithium battery cars are just around the corner?

  5. li-ion cars around the corner?

    i hardly doubt that it will be within the next 10 years that cars with a 400mile radius or rechargeable within 5min will be reality!

  6. Hey Vince can you answer this?
    1. What do you do with the old batteries?
    2. How much will new batteries cost?
    3. Will you only be able to get the new battries from the automaker, or can you get them at your local PEP Boys, or NAPA?
    Thanks for the help Vince.

  7. I still think that the Insight is a much better looking vehicle compared to the Prius.

    The base model Prius is just about the ugliest vehicle on the market…

  8. I am very curious about the site lines out the front window, especially the driver’s side A Pillar. I have a TSX and it is plagued with a blind spot when making left hand turns. I have to do a little head wiggle to make sure I don’t miss anything in its blind spot. This car has even more front rake and similar pillar width.

  9. Same flaws as origional (goofy spedo in center of dash and overall sub-par ergonamics). Hopefully some improvements ( like the old model’s tendancy to STOP on the freeway and leave the driver stranded). Otherwise nothing new here. A fair appliance for green goblins and those indifferent to cars altogether.

  10. Answers:1. What do you do with the old batteries?Call Toyota / Honda and they will take it and give you $200. They recycle almost all of it. That said it typically will take at least 200K miles before they need to be fully replaced.2. How much will new batteries cost?Typically around $2-$3K (but under warranty first 8-10 years).See also . 3. Will you only be able to get the new battries from the automaker, or can you get them at your local PEP Boys, or NAPA?Automakers only for now as far as I know.Re Li-Ion they are around the corner. Latest next year you will see first consumer Hybrid cars.They are not just used for electric only cars like the Volt.

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