New small Honda convertible

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there has been rumors about Honda working on a small 2 seater convertible, a sort of “Miata fighter”, for years.
But I guess they might actually be true.
Newer rumors suggest it might even be a Hybrid convertible, based on the new Insight.

I think it would be great if anyone could spread the “Hybrid joy” into the convertible market.

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  1. Well it does have a bit of the CR-Z influence up front. Slap in the 1.8 hybrid for $18,000 and use the prfoits to ressurect the Prelude nameplate.

  2. According to recent reports on other industry sites, this car has been canceled along with the V8 for Acura.

  3. NO it has not be cancelled cause Acura released a letter that has been verified by Jeff at VTEC.NET that the rumors are false.

    So get yo sh_t right before you open your mouth

    The convertible is the CR-Z

  4. Anonymous 1-10-09 at 1:30 pm, get your facts straight. The letter only aludes to the “Tier 1” efforts of Acura (dropping rwd and V8), not the demise of their CR-Z convertible.

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