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The Auris Verso will be replacing the Corolla Verso in Europe in a few months.
That’s because the Auris replaced the Corolla. Even though over here, the more boring version of the same car is still called the Corolla.
Verso is the name they use for their high wagon version. They even have a smaller Yaris Verso.

I think this looks like it could be our next RAV4. Why not?
Just jack it up a bit. that’s what they did with the Scion Xd in Europe, and called it the “Urban Cruiser”.

This is what the current Corolla Verso looks like.
It’s not really horrible, but boring looking as hell.
As a matter of fact, this looks so old next to pretty much anything else in European streets.
It’s really time for a new one…

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  1. It seems the rest of the world get all the variants of the corolla except the US.
    Even in japan they get a variant of the corolla hatch called the blade which has a 3.5 litre V6 out of the camry/highlander in it.
    The rest of the world gets the sedan, hatchback, and in some parts a wagon, which in turn make them the leading sellers in their class.
    The US only gets the sedan.
    I suppose the matrix can be classed as a variant as it built on a corolla floorpan and contains corolla running gear.

  2. The Corolla sedan is still called the Corolla in the rest of the world. The Auris is the same as the Matrix, which is essentially the Corolla hatchback. This Auris Verso reminds me of a smaller Venza. I think it would actually sell better than the Matrix in the U.S.

  3. I sat in the Metrix in the US and I sat in the Auris in Europe.
    The Auris is NOT the Metrix.
    They do share mechanical parts, but everything you can see is different.
    They are not the same car at all.

  4. I have to disagree with Vince on the looks of the Corolla Verso. It’s one of my favourite compact minivans. The Ford C-Max or the VW Touran, which are direct competitors, look much, much more boring to me. And I think this Auris Verso looks worse, more awkward and bloated, like almost all the latest Toyota/Lexus designs. Something is going wrong in the styling department over there.

  5. The Toyota (Auris) Verso will be introduced in Geneva on the 5th of march. There is no Yaris Verso anymore in Europe, als the Avensis Verso is gone. Therefore the name might be Toyota Verso.
    The old Corolla Verso is 5 years old, so you are right that the time has come for a new one.
    It’s not gonna be the next RAV. In Europe there will be a new RAV4 based on the present RAV.

  6. It seems that in Toyota’s quest to dethrone GM as the worlds largest autocompany, they also suffer from to many redundant models and nameplates. How long till Toyota asks for a bailout?

  7. Honestly, the Corolla Versa doesn’t look boring at all (for a small van). I think it’s one of the best looking small vans in Europe. Surely, the Renault Scenic looks more different, but also uglier.

  8. The Rav4 is sold in Europe too, so it wouldn’t make
    sense to make two models become one, especially
    when they’re in different segments.
    Maybe this could come to the US-but not
    as a Rav4, maybe as a baby Venza.
    (Corolla size instead of Camry)

  9. I also have to say that the US Matrix IS the Auris we have in Europe. They just changed the Front and the end a little bit – the rest is Auris.

  10. First off, it is the MAtrix, not the MEtrix.

    Second, there is no way they would ever “jack” this up and make it the next RAV4.

    You are such an idiot.

  11. Kind of a cross between the Versa Vomit and the Yaris (Yicky-es?). Can Gm or Chrysler PLEASE loan Toyota a DESIGNER????

  12. "How long till Toyota asks for a bailout?" –it may be closer than you think; the Japanese Miti (government handout program) may be running out of financial "mistake-out" for Toyota. I think I'd wait another 18 months before buying a Lexus or Toyota; I predict some phenominal discounting & price-cutting on most Toyota's in the near future!

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