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At least from these pictures, the shape isn’t looking very futuristic, or original.
But the Insignia based 9-5 will be a welcome change. Finally a new 9-5. The current model is one of these cars that looked old when it came out. I remember seeing prototypes of it around Hollywood and couldn’t believe this was a “future car”.

So, finally a new one.
Let’s hope it looks good under all that camouflage. Saab needs it.
As it stands now, nobody is even interested to buy Saab from GM…

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  1. Insignia-based? But the current 9-3 is Vectra-based and the Insignia is the replacement of the Vectra! So if the 9-5 is now based on the same car as the 9-3, what’s the difference going to be between them (certainly with regard to size)?

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