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A few more illustrations of what the next small VW could look like.
Both are surprisingly similar.

It would be a nice little car. A small sub $15 000 VW for the US.

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  1. I agree it looks good. Better than the Fit dorkmobile. given vw reliability though I would probably just lease one…

  2. A nice little car… whose major disadvantage will be VW dealers – an even greater blight than it’s projected reliability and high maintenance costs.

  3. Ya definitely looks better than the Fit or Yaris in terms of design, but VWs are still horribly engineered. Any VW owners in here?

  4. Zzzz. A German Matrix.

    Since I couldn’t care less what some jerk considers to be a “dorky” car, I’d take a proven reliable Honda over a questionable VW any day.

    But being open to alternative opinions, let’s wait until we see the actual model instead of this supposed rendering.

  5. Yawn. Is this worth reporting to your readers? Another tiny utilitarian econobox in a world stuffed with dull, boring, unsafe, unsightly little hunchback appliances? Do you want a photo of Sears latest high-performance lawn tractor? Just give me the low down on the next E55, M320, C300, Mustang, Challenger, F40, Phantom, etc. File the trailer trash golf cart photos next to your info on small appliances for the home — in the shredder.

  6. It looks OK, but as a former VW Passat owner, I would never ever consider another Volkswagen. Not only are they badly engineered, but the customer service was awful. VW can keep it.

  7. Not only is VW Dealer customer service awful, but VW of USA told me that in a dispute between a dealer and a customer, their default position is to side with the dealer and they will only intervene if the dealer requests them to! Seeing as most people would buy a Polo because they can’t afford anything bettter, what’s the point of being stuck with a car that’s going to end up costing a lot to maintain because VW prefers to blame customers when their cars fail because of crappy reliability?

    There’s an answer to this problem: Honda Fit, dorky or not.

  8. I think the Honda Halo is a bunch of bs. I was driving my brand new ’91 Accord Coupe up to school (Binghamton)) at the time and the transmission went. My dad’s Accord also had some stupid electrical problem and a lot of buzzing from the A/C vents.

    My current GTI is rock solid and fun to drive. People just want to make fun of VW for their reliability.

    But what you need to do is buy a German made VW
    and a Japanese made Honda –the stuff made elsewhere “ain’t ” worth it.

  9. The people who like to make fun of Volkswagen for their reliability (or lack there of) are the people who suffered through ownership and lack of support from Volkswagen. I owned a German made POSsat. It sucked.

  10. Anonymous said "VW of USA told me that in a dispute between a dealer and a customer, their default position is to side with the dealer and they will only intervene if the dealer requests them to!" The truth is that MOST Dealer/Mfg relationships are like this. The Mfg's customer is the Dealer. The Dealers customer is YOU (the retail customer). This is true with everything from McDonald's to Master Lube to Honda, to Anderson Windows. Manufactures who start putting the end-user ahead of the Dealer soon find themselves with out Dealers! (And you can see how well that works by looking at the International Harvestor pickup truck & Travelall dealerships — before IH went broke, sold off 2/3s of itself and came back from their Chapter 13 / "Dealer Direct" Debaucle as a MUCH smaller company with really pissed off stockholders and more people on the unemployment payroll than on the regular payroll.

  11. I will never trust VW or Audi. Not after the accelerator fiasco and the time the clutch stuck to the floor of a supposedly new New Beetle during a test drive. With all these rampant problems and complaints they have the nerve to sell cars in this market with a 3/36,000 warranty….utterly rediculous. That right there is enough reason for me to ignore the brand. However, it’s perfect for a lease! I feel sorry for those buying used, but then again I hope they have a brain to shop elsewhere.

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