Opel Insignia GTC

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GTC is the name of the sport versions for Opel.
This will get a twin turbo V6 good for at least 320hp.

If the Insignia ends up over here as a Buick, don’t expect this one to make it across the Atlantic.
I don’t think there is any market in the US for a 320hp mid sized car sold by Buick in this country…

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  1. Correction:

    I think there is a market in the US for a 320hp mid sized car sold by Pontiac in this country…

  2. It will be the Insignial OPC not GTC as you state. OPC = Opel Performance Center, just like the vauxhall version will be the VXR.

  3. This would be a great Pontiac, but GM appears to be squeezing Pontiac out.

    I.E.:No serious new models or updates scheduled.

    Cancelling easy products already in the pipeline (G8 ST, Wagon and the probable Coupe.).

    Cutting the total numbers of models down to 3 or 4.

    Every available development dollar at GM going to Cadillac or Chevrolet.

    I would hate to be a standalone Pontiac dealer in this climate…Are there any left?

    Also, if Buick gets the Regal, what does Pontiac do? There may not be room for a G6…Pontiac’s current top seller even though it is 5 years old.

  4. Correction to the correction:

    I think Vince was being sarcastic in that all the good cars from American auto companies are only sold in markets other then the United States because he knows we all love or gas guzzling SUV’s and Trucks.

  5. Pontiac is for the rednecks. Buicks is for the sedentary. This one, from this angle at least, looks too good for either one. I think this should be the next CTS. The current CTS just looks outdated and boring.

  6. I, too, think that there is a market for this car in the US. Its hard to see where GM would place this car but with Saturn and Pontiac with an uncertain future, Buick would be the best bet for this car. I read on another blog that this car was rumored to have finished the nurburgring a few seconds over 8 minutes. Thats not too shabby. If Ford decides to drop an ecoboost in the Fusion then this car would be a no brainer in the US for GM. I’m not too crazy about the styling but I would be interested in buying it for the performance.

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