Pontiac G8 ST canceled

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That’s kind of sad.
I really liked this new version of the El Camino.
I think car based pick ups can actually do most of what people need.
Plus, they can look really good.

I guess they never planed on selling hundreds of thousands of these anyway, so it doesn’t make that much of a difference…

Still, too bad…

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  1. I liked it too. And I don’t get it. On the one hand they claim that they want Pontiac to be a “niche” brand, but then they cut their plans for a niche vehicle… wtf?

    If they really wanted to be a niche brand, then this thing and the Solstice should definitely be on their keepers list.

  2. pure designer exercise. i don’t think it would sell well. the subaru (can’t remember the name now) didn’t do well.

    it is a posseur pick-up. those who really need a pickup buy real one. who wants a tight quarter with wasted exposed space in the back as an everyday type car.

  3. Pontiac is toast…
    -No successor to the current G8
    -No successor to the current Solstice
    -No GTO
    -No Firebird
    No reason for a Pontiac Division. Expect the announcent before Spring.

  4. I’m not suprised at all. What I am suprised about is that they were thinking of selling it here in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the ST but I think it would have sold to a small group of enthusiasts. I think for that reason that it would lose money for GM. But I would imagine there would have been some cool custom hotrod versions made from it though.

    I think the Subaru in question was called the “Brat”.

  5. This thing would be useful to no one.

    This was a dumb concept of a car that would sit on lots forever, like the late GTO did. No one would buy something this stupid.

  6. Oh come on, this is just GM getting smart. NO ONE WOULD BUY THIS PIECE OF SH__!! It would have been a “Camino” retro car and probably sold as good as the ASSTECK they had. Seriously, this is ugly and I am not big on GM right now, but I am secretly rooting for them to make it cause they are an American company, so when I saw they were going to cancel this hunk of ass, I cheered!! I see the cars they have coming out and a few they have right now and I think they are finally realizing that quality and style are important in car design.

  7. I feel bad for the people who wanted one and are truly disappointed. I can’t say that I am one of them. This vehicle had absolutely no business in Pontiac’s lineup. It should have been assigned to its proper home: Chevrolet.

  8. Pontiac is supposed to be GMs performance division. So this thing never made any sense. It’s already being built in Australia, so it would cost almost nothing to produce. But the marketing required would just be a costly distraction to GM right now.

  9. GM just stated that 6 cars in the Pontiac lineup is too many…They will have the G3, G6, G8 and maybe Solstice.

  10. What GM needs right now is rational product planning for the most popular segments – so they can start making money. I agree with ne1butu … they cant afford distractions right now.

    As for Pontiac… while the G8 is a nice looking car (never driven it or looked it over much), it overlaps closely with the G6 and didnt really provide an adequate replacement for the larger Bonneville. I wouldnt be surprised to find it rationalized next year as well, while they decide where to target their lineup.

  11. what a surprise, i thought these idiots would have learned with that sst or whatever the hell they called that 2 seat retro truck. why even bother. wake up GM

  12. I am very disappointed. This car would have fit in. No one wants big pickup trucks any longer. GM has tunnel vision. I might have thought about this one.

  13. It’s a shame, I wanted one.

    On the other hand, I don’t see the G8 selling too well. So this move makes sense.

    How about we wait and see when the next-gen Utes come out, maybe it’ll be more fiscally feasible?

    Also, some of the previous commenters noted that 1) it really should be a Chevy and 2) The wagon might’ve been a better idea to bring over.

    I must say, I agree with those sentiments.

    -Some Guy

    PS: For all you bashing this car, saying how pointless it is… shut yer pie holes! 🙂

  14. GM has already spent a lot of money marketing the ST so it’s to late to say that marketing would cost too much. It’s already done which makes them look even more stupid.

    P.S. There was the Subaru Brat/Brumby and then more recently the Subaru Baja.

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