President Obama’s new car

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I guess, safety first.
And looks second. Far, far behind.

Seems like a cross between a DTS and an Escalade. And the result is pretty ugly.
But I guess this is the world we live in 2009.
Fear is in the driver’s seat.

At least, there is no vinyl top anymore….

This is really what the president’s car should look like by now.
We are in 2009 after all….

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  1. Exactly! everyone knows that by 2009 limos will look like that, and Mattel better get on the ball, the hoverboard is due in 6 years!

  2. That bottom picture reminds me of “the homer” car from the simpsons episode which homer designed and in turn ruined homer’s long lost brothers car company. Except this doesnt have a bubble window in the top.

  3. I heard the window is 8 inches thick and the seat material is velour and not leather. that way it would hold the prez in place during high speed maneuver.

    and the car is being watched 24/7.

    the secret service driver is supposed to be able to make a 180 while going full speed!!

  4. Its all about functionality.
    The car is bulky and boxy to cover up all that major armour underneath its skin.
    Can’t take any chances.

  5. Looks more like a CTS limo than a DTS. Maybe they are trying to show going “green” by making the presidential limo smaller?

  6. I knew we couldn’t get through on blog without mentioning Toyota against GM. LOL – wouldn’t that be funny to have the pres riding in a Japanese wanna be luxury sedan.

  7. two things:
    1- For a car that has enough armour to withstand rockets and even asteroid hits, I think Cadillac have done a very good job of still making it look like a quite normal limo. When I heard about the specs on the radio some days ago, I thought it was going to look like a tank.
    2- Where did you get that “future limo” sketch? I love wacky stuff like this!

  8. ANONYMOUS SAID. "I can only imagine the spec sheet that GM was given for this." It wasn't a spec SHEET. It was a volume of 47 encyclopedia-sized books costing 9.8 million just to write (excluding the OSHA addendiums). It was started under Clinton, to be ready for his 2nd term; and is almost completed, with testing to begin 3 years into Obama's first term. These government projects have really gotten fast, inexpensive & efficent now that a "politically correct" MAN is Finally at the helm!

  9. This looks pretty good for something based on a truck platform(jalopnik tells you all about it). Kudos to GM!

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