Ricardo Montalban tribute

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A tribute to the legendary actor who died this morning in Los Angeles.
I still remember these commercials.

In other “actors/death/cars” related news.
We also lost our favorite Lotus Seven driver when Patrick McGoohan A.K.A Number Six left us yesterday….

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  1. Montalban probably sold more Chryslers than anyone else. Sad that as he passes from this life that the Corporation is also near death.
    The Cordoba was a classy ride but I think it’s humorous that in his voice-over he describes it as a “small” Chrysler! 216 inches used to be small!!

    That was filmed on the PV peninsula at Portuguese Bend…a favorite spot for many car commercials, movies and TV shows as well.

  2. Khannnnnnn!!!!!

    I remember reading somewhere that ‘rich Corinthian leather’ was just some advertising phrase drummed up; there was no such thing, so to speak.

    A great actor. He’ll be missed.

  3. I drove a Super Seven S4 back in 1970 when in high school. man,I did indeed feel number 6. I met McGoohan on a flight from LA some 25 years later. Very tall and gracious fellow and easy to talk to, but he just wouldn’t say why he resigned.. will miss him.

  4. I love it: The “small” Chrysler. LOL. You could probably park 4 Smart cars end to end in the space of that Cordoba.

    ..and yes, the “Corinthian Leather” was a made up term. As if every automaker doesn’t create a feature and give it a name.

  5. ‘Rich Corinthian leather’ may have been made-up, however the Cordoba did have very high quality leather seats. A rose by any other name…

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