Rumor of the day: Insignia as Buick in the US

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We’ve talked about this before: the Chinese Buick Regal would make a really nice Buick in the US too.
GM announced they will fund Saturn for another couple of years, but no new models.
That means no Opel Insignia as the next Aura.

But the Regal proves that the Insignia looks really good as a Buick.
On the other hand, GM is trying to make Saab more independant in order to sell it. That means the next 9.3 will be built in Sweden instead of Germany, where it was planed to.
The new small Buick would be built in Germany. We wouldn’t get the one made in China.
Buicks being more expensive than Saturns, GM could actually justify a higher price.

It all makes sense to me. I would love to see this car in the US.

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  1. Hey Vince,

    You really need to get the pictures of the Twin Turbo Insignia up…

    We’re seeing the rebirth of the Taurus SHO, so how about the rebirth of the Grand National… 320HP and AWD!

  2. About as interresting as an Acura; O:K at $24,000 but unacceptable at the price of an entry-level Acura.

  3. I don’t get the difference between this and the new LaCrosse…is it that much larger than this?

  4. it would make no since, vince. it would compete directly with the new la cross. gm is trying to stream line. adding it would be the dumbest thing it could do

  5. The new la Crosse is quite a bit larger and more upscale. I think there would be room for this.

  6. I do like this Buick version, but I think I would have preferred it as a Saturn. I it woud have kept the Opel style grill which I think looks better. At least you’ll be able to negotiate the price. I would imagine Saturn is getting absolutely KILLED these days by not negotiating. Anyway, I wonder if we are also looking at the next potential Chevy Impala.

  7. The new LaCrosse is not much bigger than the Insignia. It’s about 7″ longer and sits on a 4″ longer wheelbase. Frankly the cars are probably too close in size to sell side-by-side. The smarter move would have been to slot a car smaller than the Insignia under the LaCrosse and sell the Insignia as Saturn’s big sedan. But GM is too damn retarded to figure that out.

  8. I thought the really cool looking LaCrosse should be a Lexus fighter so how can someone compete it to this one??? The Opel Insignia or Buick named-whatever would be some little bit upscale, but smaller sized Chevy Impala competitor.

    The Opel Insignia platform is absolutely no match/competitor against a VW Passat, BMW 3 series, Audi A4 or Mercedes C-class here in europe – so why/how should it be a “entry-luxury-car-competitor” in the USA???

  9. well, if they get rid of the lucerne like they are saying – the lacrosse would then be the top level buick car, where as the regal would be the entry level buick.

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