US Buick Regal???

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Not sure what this is exactly. But it’s not really the Chinese Regal. And it’s not the new laCrosse.
With recent rumors about Opel building a smaller Buick fro the US, I wonder….
Looks like a modified Chinese Regal to me.

Here is the new Chinese Regal.

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  1. I wish they would get rid of that dumb line down the side…Looks like a 5 year old did it with a crayon.

  2. Possibly a prototype of the new LaCrosse; or a new LaCrosse modified for the Chinese market as a Regal or (Electra) Park Avenue. Looks an awful lot like the LaCrosse from the firewall back.

  3. This is the Buick La Cross. you have posted the same pictures when the car was debute at La and Detroit.

  4. So to you a Lincoln waterfall grill with a Buick emblem on it is ok, but if Lincoln put’s out a car it’s just not ok huh?

    Everthough of moving to RED China?

  5. The chinese buick regal and U.S buick lacrosse are one in the same. just check out

    its a handsome looking car. it should do well.

  6. The one on top looks a ton better than the chinese version (which looks great in its own right). The headlights and hood-portholes give it a more aggressive apperance, but I think the grill on the chinese version looks better.

    Would like to see this here. If the new LaCrosse (or Invicta) is going to move upmarket in price and size, I don’t think I’ll be too interested. All these darn cars are so big these days.

  7. WHY do people keep confusing the US Lacrosse and the Regal that may be coming here? They look similar but are NOT the same, sharing the same platform but in SWB (Regal) and LWB (Lacrosse) forms.

    Come on guys, look a little closer. Not "one and the same", but 2 different sedans with a very close family lineage. Not directly, but think of how the BMW 3 & 5 relate as far as size, features, performance, price, etc. in reference to 2 new Buick sedans…and you just might get it.

    One a little trimmer, starting with a 4-cyl and still loadable with most goodies, and the other a little larger and differently styled with bigger engines, more available goodies, and a higher pricepoint.

    Get it?

  8. The Buick Regal for the USA will look just like the LaCrosse-Only difference is the Regal will be shorter wheelbase.

  9. They all look the same to me, but with slightly different fronts.
    And the usual badge engineering.
    For one of the first times though the original badge doesn’t say Daewoo.

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