Volkswagen Bluesport concept

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I think this looks great.
It’s the kind of concept that is just a direct preview of a production car, so expect to see this pretty soon.

I just hope they don’t price it too high. We don’t need another $40 000 German roadster.
But It would be great to see a Miata competitor for around $25 000 though…

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  1. yes, give us this, and get rid of the jetta convertible oops i mean the Eos. this car actually got a little Audi feel to it, inside and out

  2. Volkswagen plans a roadster fpr two decades now. So far none is on the streets while all other manufacturers had their roadsters…so I’m not sure if this one really makes it into production….The Concept R was also very close to production or their three-wheeler…but they all looked cool.

  3. Is this based off the Boxter/Caymen ? Perhaps a low pwered version with a VW engine? Last year they could have gotten $40k but for the next 5 years I think $30k very well equipt.
    Many may not remember the death of the Supra/300zx/RX7 due to high cost of around $40k of these cars in late 80s. They most came back as upper $20k cars

  4. Looks great. I doubt a $25k price tag. It will not pay for the German workers vacation….And I am afraid to hit the road with the breeze brushing my face and hair and …break down in the middle of nowhere.

  5. looks like the R8! and if vw can avoid adorning it with too much chrome, it would be saweet. but vw needs to offer new engines in its u.s. lineup. the 2.0L turbo is everywhere! how about the 1.4 TSI turbo/supercharged engine that gets 40 MPG?

    and i’ve heard that vw actually couldn’t sell anymore golfs with that engine because there weren’t enough parts for it. so why not produce less 2.0L turbos and more TSIs?

  6. Not a chance this makes it to 25K.

    I don’t understand VW now. They are trying too hard to be Audi and they want their products to overlap. If I wanted a luxury VW I would just buy an Audi for a couple thousand more, or even the same price if you look at how much the Passat is now!

    VW needs to reevaluate their business model.

  7. Nice but not original. Mazda RX8 meets TT meets Saturn Sky meets Porsche boxter. But it sorta works. What happened to originality ?

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