VW Polo in the US

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We knew it, but it is now “almost official”, the newx VW Polo will be sold in the US.
Our version will be built in Mexico, just like our Jetta and new Beetle.

The above picture is just a guess from Auto Express, but it does look pretty realistic.

It will be good to see VW entering the sub-$15 000 market.
The all new Polo will come out this March in Europe.

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  1. I’d like to see this called the Rabbit in North America, and the Golf name brought back for that car.

  2. post #3: idiot!

    i think VW should leave the golf name as is… rabbit has a bad ring to it… the original rabbit had huge problems…

    the polo should be a polo in the US… that easy…!

    and the mexican VW plant has been able to get quality up to german expectations, since 2000 the new beetle has been pretty good in built quality… the mexican built polo would be 20-40% cheaper than it’s german counterpart… thus making it possible to sell a no thrills polo just above $10k… a tricked out polo GTI for around $15k… but VW hasn’t learned the lesson that they need to combat the koreans on their own turf, small good econo boxes… and the polo beats the small korean and japanese boxes by a wide margin… ride quality and built quality are much better…! just sit/drive in a 5 year old polo, and do the same with a korean/japanese car… HUGE difference..! if US buyers wouldn;t all lease their cars and sticks around to see 5 years or 100k miles on their VWs they woul;d know that the corollas and camry sucks when they’re that old… no wonder you see most of them exported to south america once they’re over 5 years old…!

  3. I owned a Mexico-built Jetta, and my girlfriend had a Mexico-built Beetle. The build quality on both was atrocious. Buyer beware!

  4. This what VW needs to be more successful in the united states a polo will attract more potential buyers who would never consider a Volkswagen in their car shopping list.

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