2010 Ford Transit Connect

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Finally in the US. Soon and with its new nose and interior.
The only engine for us will be the good “old” 136hp 2.0 Liter with a 4 speed auto.
The US version will start at $21 500.

An electric version will follow the next year.

Not sure if they will offer some “less utilitarian” version or not. But at this price it could become pretty popular.
Maybe a modern version of the 70’s van. Back when people used to buy a cheap commercial van and tun it into something much cooler.

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  1. I agree this could be a cool alternative. back in the 70s a couple of my chums and I stuck some folding cots in a 66 Ford Econoline and lived in the sucker for 5 months. drove it from Carolina to California (and back) with its wheezing 90 hp six cylinder motor. 136 hp is plenty.

  2. What is it with American car makers and their 4-speed auto trannys? I mean, seriously, would it hurt them to add an extra speed to this? It would help the MPG numbers nudge up a bit, the gearing would be nicer, the ride would be smoother at highway speeds, and the CAFE numbers would increase. This isn’t worth tacking a few hundred dollars onto the price?

    And then they ask why nobody buys their products (after you exclude the ugly looks, cheep feel, and reputation for unreliability that is)

  3. I sat in one at the DC Autoshow and I was impressed with both its perfect size and comfort. It seemed like it was very well put together and it is the Swiss army knife of vehicles, sort of like the Honda Element.

  4. No wonder they dont want to import the manual tranny…1000 lbs in this thing and you will just end up grinding the clutch to nothing.

  5. I agree they got a nice 5 and 6 speed auto and refuse to use it ? thats just dumb bold move once again FORD ! and I think this thing is a tad overpriced, my local ford dealer has a bunch of E series strippers for 19k, this thing really needed to start at 17k

  6. I too sat in it at the DC autoshow. While it is very European looking, the van won’t be a success in the trade here in America. It is too small and weak. Those guys carry STUFF in their Express and E-series vans. Fully loaded, this thing will be a tortoise on the streets.

  7. These types of trucks get a lot of stop start action so a 5 or 6 speed automatic would wear out faster than a 4 speed.

    A manual tranny would go thru lots of clutches with this thing filled to it’s 1600 lbs capacity.

  8. It’s the same size as my ’07 Dodge Caravan four cylinder. Not as comfortable for the driver, however, same fuel economy. It looks new, but not really new at all.

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