2010 Chevrolet Spark

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Not sure if this is the US or European version or not. But they did mention the Spark in Detroit, so we should be getting it.
Not sure yet if this will replace the Aveo or be an even cheaper car over here.
They will offer both in Europe, the Spark being smaller.

It would compete with the ford Ka, if it ever makes in in the US…

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  1. Both the Spark and the Aveo will co-exist in the US market. The Spark will also replace the Chevy Matiz in Europe.

    This is going to be GM’s cheapest product for the US, but the next Aveo may get bumped up a hair in price and size. Since the Cruze will be slightly larger than the outgoing-Cobalt, the next Aveo is likely to step up a half-notch to split the difference between the current Cobalt and current Aveo.

    That leaves plenty of room at the bottom of the lineup for the Spark. It will be dimensionally smaller than the current Aveo, but supposedly a little bigger than the current Matiz.

  2. New product? Hardly. It’s actually based on a Suzuki. In Europe sold under the name Splash, and also marketed as the Opel Agila.
    Google Suzuki Splash images and you’ll see.

  3. WOW! Looks absolutely fantastic to me. Surprisingly faithful to the concept. It will be by far the best-looking car in the segment, and if the prices don’t rise too much from the Matiz, it should be a phenomenal success.

  4. wait until you see the new Nissan Qasana. I released spy teaser shots today. A new standard in what a hot new 5 door should be.

  5. if you ask me, the “u.s.” crash-safety laws” mentioned above are a bit contrite. the fact of the matter is, that crash tests that happen in a lab are different than those that happen in real life. if the u.s. could drop its archaic emissions and safety regulations (namely the 2.5-mph crash resistant bumper and red/amber side lighted reflectors) that have yielded lab-tested results, cars would cost less, weigh less, and look better (research pictures of the current honda fit and a european honda jazz, especially the rear end, for example). there would also be peugeots, citroens, alfa romeos, renaults, skodas, seats, daihatsus, etc., many of which sell quality, small, and fuel efficient cars that the u.s. customer needs right now.

    vince, i know you’ve got connections. why don’t you ask mr. obama to help us car fanatics out here

  6. but most people need small cars. and some crash “safety” laws do seem a bit rediculous. cars are engineered, slapping on about 200 pounds of “crash reinforcement” material does not automatically make a car safer. and why doesn’t the u.s. government test the pedestrian safety of cars like in euroncap? imagine a chevy suburban…

  7. There is no such thing as pedestrian safety…You get hit bt 3000 lbs you are going to be smashed no matter what the car looks like…That law is from the retarded Europeans.

  8. you’re right. car designers should not even consider pedestrian safety when designing their cars. after all, they’re just pedestrians

  9. …they are better off giving their employees million-dollar bonuses in bailout money and engineering cupholders, aren’t they?

    if you were stupid enough to “not to walk in front of a car”, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that there’s a chance you might survive?

  10. More like if drivers would pay attention, get off their phones, stop texting and yield to pedestrians like they are supposed too…

    Yes, the spark looks good from the front and side but i rear is butt ugly.

    Safety is relative and people do want small cars. Every tried parking even a small SUV in many U.S. cities. Good luck.

    America does need more choice when it comes to small cars. Not every one wants to drive a fit or yaris. Their interiors are monotone and the styling of the fit is average. So far, the interiors of the cruze, and upcoming ford focus' and fiesta look great.

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