2010 Chrysler 300

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That one looks nice to me. For some reason.
Sure, it does copy the current model. And it doesn’t seem to push anything.
But it does feel a bit more upscale. While retaining an aggressive personality.

I wonder if GM will uncover that much tomorrow or later today, as part of their presentation….

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  1. That looks terrible. They barely updated it- it’s the old-gen 300 with a new fascia, and an outdated exterior.

    The interior looks like a major improvement, but it remains to be seen how well it’s actually executed. But that’s not saying much, since old Chrysler interiors were worse than craptacular.

    Now if they had built the 200C instead, we would have something.

    Chrysler deserves to go Chapter 11.

  2. Now what happened to Ralph Giles saying the future of Chrysler was “organic”? That is definitely not organic, just a refresh on the exterior. I like it, but I am hoping this is just something Chrysler threw into their plan just to show something off. I hope it is just something to get us commenting on and the are working on something totally different that may look like the 200C.

  3. This simply wont do how about a larger version of the 200C Concept. Looks like they with the current 300 it mimic the Bentley…this version mimics a Rolls….similar to what Chrysler tried to do with the Imperial Concept.

    Where is the freakin mirrors?

  4. 7 years later and it still looks the same except for the ghetto grille and chrome wheels (ghetto take on luxury)???

  5. Dang. the first group of people should go is the designers. have they been sleeping at the wheel?? 2010!? more like 2003 with an aftermarket grille and rims package!? and the leather seats look too shiny (maybe the light?)

  6. Are you actually looking at this as anything other than a horrible photoshop? Consumer Reports 40% Better Reliability than Industry Average? Grill off the Imperial, lights from the Journey and other overdone aspects. Come on, this has to be a big joke.

  7. Who put the Chrysler 300 in the microwave?


    With the Chrysler Imperial concept grille? How low-rent is that!?!?


    This actually makes the Taurus look upscale.

  8. Its not as though they have the money to do much more is it. Maybe this is Chrysler’s interpretation of the 1966 Studebaker Lark?

  9. NEW cars are supposed to inspire people; make them REALLY want it due to how fantastic it looks. The original 300 launched in 2005-ish did just that. THIS looks to be what the mid-lifecycle update should have been.

    Good luck trying to sell this while the ‘clear out models’ sell for thousands less.


  10. Alright, here is where I totally destroy this car….this looks like a giant Hyundai Sonota. I think Chrysler hit on a really good design earlier and now they’re in a position where if they do ANYTHING to it, they’ll ruin it. I think a 200c look would be better too.

  11. Do you really think that Chrysler would have sent a brochure to Congress with that tacky formatting? Jagged yellow bubbles! Powerpoint defaults!

    Come now..Chrysler my be dumb, but I don’t think these are real.

  12. What you are looking at is a CARTOON!! That is NOT the 2011 Chrysler 300C. According to those who have actually SEEN the next 300 – Edmunds.com for one – THEY say it is MUCH classier looking than that photochopped present day model shown to congress.

    To those of you who said… “That’s not real!!”

    YOU’RE RIGHT!! It’s NOT!!

    Craig!! :o)

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