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Looking very nice.
But not much nicer than the “regular” 2010 Taurus.

I wonder how many people will want the extra HP for so much more money.
And how many will want to pay Infiniti prices for a Ford…

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  1. Ford throws out a mean punch and people are bashing them on price, styling and power. When Ford gives a car an underpowered engine, compliants are in, when they give the car more than enough power, we complain about prices.

    It’s okay for GM to sell the Pontiac G8 for over 30k fully loaded and touching 40k for the GXP model? Which is an extreme jump in price compared to the ill-faded Grand Prix GXP.

    I just don’t understand, we American complain about everything and anything. We are never satisfied or always think some things could be better. Well I must say selection is what the worlds about, if you don’t like something then move on.

  2. the first comment are exactly right, that’s true. i was used to complain how the ford taurus debuted last two years ago, i must admit that i am a new fan for taurus since now, i am proudly owner of 2008 ford taurus (five hundred with new nose job) i am impressive with the gas mileage and awd in harsh winter, so i am applaud for ford to put new level of design and quality for a all american vehciles. ignore people who complain too much, they have no common sense.

  3. An Infiniti? Which one? The G is much smaller, so the Taurus is probably more comparable to the M. The M starts at 45k, so yeah, the Taurus SHO is a compelling vehicle. This is priced more like a Maxima, which isn’t even a player anymore.

  4. Well i think its priced fairly, for 37 u get a nice little engine and then AWD and sync and what not and its a much better interior than the g8, yea the g8 is a nice car but when i m paying 30 grand i would expect a better interior and isnt the g8 being discontinued….

  5. Ford is about to test the theory enthusiasts like to spout that people will pay for quality. But…will people pay for quality for FORD?

  6. LOL Apparently it’s because all they they can buy or drive are Hyundai’s and they’re pissed off.


  8. Patriotic but ignorant Americans blindly applauding American cars blindly buying American cars have spoiled Ford and the other two. One of my favorite performance sedans is Acura TL SH-AWD and the SHO is NOT even close in terms of reliability, technology, performance, fuel efficiency, and resale value to say the least. And this Acura is only ONE of MANY other great performance sedans (Audi A4, Infiniti G37, and Hyundai Genesis 4.6.) They are all in the similar price range. Seriously, would you really prefer Ford Taurus SHO over these cars? Seriously? If so, you are the aforementioned American. Let’s make it clear to the big 3 that they need to wake up! PLEASE!!!!

  9. Anon 12:41

    Wow, a lot of comparisons and assumptions about a car that isn’t even available yet. And comparing it to a vehicle as unattractive as the TL SH-AWD which has been a flop in the marketplace is not reinforcing your point. I own a B7 Audi S4, which I love, but even I can see that this upcoming Taurus looks good from every angle. And its spec sheet is impressive as well. The A4 and G37 are both segment leaders, but they’re much smaller and have much less horsepower. And the Genesis is just Hyundai’s Avalon, is not a performance car, and costs much more. If the Taurus is as good as it looks, it’ll do very well.

  10. To Anonymous #1: Boy did you hit the nail squarely on the head!
    Not only do I think this Taurus is hot-hot-hot, it reminds me of some of the most beautiful Galaxie’s from the past. Kudo’s to Mr. Mulaly for bringing Ford back…and how ironic that after generations of “car-guys” and family members in charge at FoMoCo, it took an outsider (and a Boeing guy at that) to rediscover Ford’s glory-days. I would imaging the next US Focus will make the current one look like the carton it came in!

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