2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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This is taken from Chrysler’s “Restructuring Plan for Long Term Viability” brochure they are showing to Congress in order to get more money.
The good news is that we get to see what the new car based Grand Cherokee will look like. The bad news is, it doesn’t seem to look that great.
After all these Jeep concepts over the past years, they still come up with what is a pretty boring production design. Copying the current model.
That front end alone looks like about 12 designers worked on it while never talking to each other…

It will be available for the 1st time as a 7 seater.

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  1. This is awful. And to think the government is indebting my future great grandchildren to finance this thing.

    Goodbye Jeep.

  2. I happen to like it. I think it looks like the model from 2000. With that said I was expecting something more drastic, maybe something that looks between a Liberty and a Patriot, but still keeping it’s main Grand Cherokee shape. They are playing it safe, and I think that may be more important right now.

  3. Ok this is a modest update….It’s Okay….I’m not doing flips over this but its okay its not hideous….but it looks so familiar to some Jeep concepts of the past. I think the Trailhawk concept. This was the Jeep that should have came out as the the current generation.

  4. Looks like a stretched Journey…these designs are very sad.

    I feel as if I’ve seen this before though…

  5. Here’s a little secret in design PR.

    “Organic” = indescriminate blobs.

    “Classic” = slightly more intentionally sculpted blobs.

    This whole design language reminds me of 90s/early 2000s Chevrolets and Buicks.

    I’m sorry, no.

  6. Like vince said – with all the outstanding concepts in Jeeps inventory – THIS is what comes out?!?

    This has to be a joke. This and the 300 can’t be the future of Chrysler. They must have decided to not tip their hand and wanted to keep the real next gen versions under wraps.

  7. Please stop taxing us for their mistakes. Just let them go under but protect the workers.

    Just let Chrysler die. Take all the existing inventory and sell it to other emerging countries.

  8. It looks like a Jeep®. Why bother reinventing that which doesn’t need reinventing, just improvement?

  9. They showed such cheap, absolutely unprofessional looking Power Point Slides to receive several billions of dollars???

    Invest just a fraction of that money into the kinds of Tesla or Fisker – there is much more hope and several innovative ideas that have the potential to creat US-jobs!

  10. If it were a Honda or Toyota it'd be called their best design ever! But it's a Jeep; and jeep owners expect more. Probably a good business decision; just like all the generic Lexis blobs that outsold the Infinity Q or Cad STS or Jag Vanden Plas or R. And it will be the worlds first real competition for Buicks Enclave (Quality & NVH & MPG -wise). But is that what JEEP owners want?? Mabey Jeep owners WANT a rustic Land Rover / Hummer kind of machine. And foreign car addicts aren't going to jump ship just because something BETTER has come along. Sometimes the riskyest choice is trying too hard to please everybody! I think they should have gone more "outback" with this and left the uptown look to Aspen/Durango.

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