2010/11 Dodge Charger

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I’ve always thought the current Charger is one of the ugliest sedans on the market today.
The next one doesn’t look like such an improvement.
This will compete with the all new Taurus. And a new Impala is on its way.
This Charger already looks old.

Good luck….

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  1. The New Charger is one of the most iconic and copied sedans in recent years. There’s a reason all the tuner/customizer guys love this car and it is on more commercials than even the new Mustang. Walk down any toy isle in any store in the U.S. and dozens of Charger Hot Wheels, die-cast, RC cars and models are there.

  2. I see they got rid of the odd rear door sweep, and the reason why the current charger is so damn ugly is the wrongway swept back grill area, it reminds me of frankensteins forehead. Cant wait to see the new front and hope they put some decent tailamps on it and not 12 year old tailamps from an old intrepid/stratus/avenger..

  3. Strangely enough, it reminds me of the older Charger R/T concept in the side profile from the front doors back.

  4. It looks better, at least in profile. The rear door-thingy they have now look stupid. This looks better to my eyes.

  5. I personally think it looks better than the current one. The back windows go back to the Intrepid, which isn’t a bad thing!

  6. I like it. The Charger isn’t the problem with Chrysler. It’s all their smaller cars and their SUVs.

  7. Buh-bye, Chrysl(c)erberus.

    I know plenty of folks who would rather have this to an Impala. But GM will turn itself around. Chrysler likely will break up by 2011…or will slowly become inconsequential and completely go “tits up”.

  8. This will be built at the old plant in Mexico where the PT Cruiser was manufactured. The hood looks too small for a big engine though.

  9. The "swept back" front looked good on the old BMW 7 series & even better on the current charger. A heck of a lot more style on this new one than any of the soap bars it competes with. When can I buy one?

  10. the real car will look cmpletely different from this. i think this is some internet hoax (say: photoshop).

    why are ppl bitching?
    i have the current model and apart from the really poor interior its ok.

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