2011 Ford Focus

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A new Focus is on its way. And this time, Europe and the US will get the same model. Just like with the Fiesta.

I am sure the sedan version will still be the best selling over here. But the hatch should be making return to the States as well.
The new Fiesta is supposed to be available as a sedan, but also has a 3 and 5 door hatch in the US.

By that time, Ford will have a whole lineup of really good looking cars.
A new Mondeo based Fusion will be next.

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  1. Vince, Unfortunately, the Fiesta will be the only hatchback we get here in the U.S., but Canada will get the Hatchback version of the new Focus.

  2. Looks very similar to C30, and even has the same wheels. Bet its riding off the Volvo partnership. Very nice change though.

  3. Looks fantastic! I wonder if Ford will design a coupe version. Hopefully there is no need if people are finally waking up to the idea that their SUV’s are not practical.

  4. The Focus RS looks realy good. However, Ford needs to pay attention to details. Everytime I have gotten into a brand new Ford with leather, it strongly smells like… vinyl. What is up with that? It is the only brand that has this problem. Cheap lather perhaps?

  5. We have a good a chance as any to get the focus hatch. Hatches are growing strength in the US after all. So unless you work for ford your just taking a stab in the dark.

    Focus RS please be US bound!

  6. Firstly this is an un-reliable chop
    The side profile screams Fiesta.
    The hatch WILL go on sale in the US, probably in 5-door

  7. you have got to be kidding! this is awsome! ford is really doing a good job with the refreshing of their line up. nice fresh designs with common cues of all its cars< although i think some can do without the 3 bar grille.to the guy talking about fake leather smell,real leather has a very raunchy smell. most new cars are using a naugahyde and vinyl blend.real leather is what they make sadles out of

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