2012 Holden Volt

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Gm is trying to get the most of their huge investment into the Chevy Volt.
And who can blame them.

After an Opel version, there will now be an Australian Holden version.
And from this picture, it looks like a total clone of our Chevrolet one.. Except for the badges.

For once, I think this is not a bad idea. If that’s what it takes to get people into an mostly electric powered car, why not.

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  1. Ok Aussies will take it if we must to get you out of the shit, but you have to take the new front drive mid-sizer Holden is working on, OK?

  2. If the product is not reliable, they will have to pay so much on cost garanty because they will have a huge volume…

    Realy hazardous !

  3. Look at that. Holden doesn’t have to spend millions and design their own vehicle. Just grab an associate vehicle and stick a holden badge on it.
    Heaps of money saved.
    The easy way out.
    At least its not a rebadged daewoo this time.

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